Yau's Japanese Style Udon 200g

Yau's Foods

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Japanese udon are the thickest type of wheat noodle you can get and are usually responsible for copious amounts of slurping and splashing (keep the bib handy).

For a super quick noodle stir-fry grab a pack of our Japanese style udon and add to your stir-fried meat and vegetables. Pick a Yau's sauce, add a tablespoon or two and the result is fuss-free fab fast food!

The noodles are also suitable for soup dishes and keep their texture and flavour well. For a truly authentic Japanese dining experience sprinkle some bonito flakes over a seafood udon stir-fry and watch it come alive!

Typical shelf life from purchase 4-6 months.

Contains wheat and gluten

Suitable for vegetarians


Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Stabilizer (E1442), Salt, Acidity Regulator (E270 E260 E325 E355).


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