About Yau's

Who are Yau's?

Bonnie Yau's Food Products Ltd was established to create a range of sauces that addressed the needs of a growing number of consumers who prioritised quality over price and had genuine concerns over their health and what kinds of ingredients were being used in prepared sauces.

We, Bonnie and Philip Yau, set the business up in 2012 to complement our existing Oriental food retail business in Peterborough as more and more of our shop customers were asking about gluten free foods, free from and locally sourced products. 

So, drawing upon our previous experience as restaurant owners, we decided to produce our own small range of sauces and trial them in the shop. The first product was a Sweet & Sour sauce, which also happened to be all natural - no MSG, no Colourings. After an overwhelmingly positive response, we took the plunge and set about creating a business that specialised in all-natural, free from sauces.

What do we do?

It starts with flavour, then we look at how we can create a recipe that is also free from the main allergens. It was a challenge to produce something that was best in its category for flavour, easy to use, had a long shelf life, and contained nothing artificial. But we did it. It's been a long road but what we learned along the way has been extremely valuable and will enable us to continue to produce products you'll enjoy for years to come.

Although it all began with a range of popular Chinese favourites, we have since begun to introduce flavours from other parts of Asia, including Vietnam and Thailand. On the horizon there will be products from Korea, Malaysia and Japan too.

And it doesn't end with sauces. 

We've added noodles and prawn crackers to complement the sauces and although not produced in house, we're very selective about who makes products for us. We prioritise UK manufactures who care about consistent quality and who support our brand values.

How did it start?

What began as a secondary business to offer alternatives to the imported products that nobody knew how to use, or to mass-produced sauces that were made to fit a low pricing strategy, soon became something that took on a life of its own.

Away from the shop, we began selling sauces at local fairs and food events. Soon they became much higher profile events such as Grand Designs Live, BBC Good Food and trade shows to attract potential retail partners.

Every new sauce begins life as a development product in Bonnie's kitchen. It is then market tested and refined if necessary, before we find a manufacturing partner who is able to meet our high standards of ingredient sourcing, quality control and production.

Our development process is continuous and we are also always on the look out for third party products that add value to our range and brand.

What's next?

Over the coming months we are committed to launching a further 5-6 sauce products to broaden the styles of cuisine we cover. Thai curry pastes and Korean BBQ sauces and marinades will be next.

Beyond this, we're hoping to add more non-sauce products, including Thai prawn crackers, a gluten free stir-fry noodle and rice-based snacks.

It really is an exciting time for Yau's and we sincerely hope that you will accompany us as we seek to inspire more of you as you cook Oriental at home.