Yau's Fragrant Sweet & Sour Sauce

Sweet and Sour has to be one of the most popular Chinese combinations. Yau's Sweet and Sour Sauce is made with date paste, fruit juices and apple cider vinegar. This gives it a lovely fruity taste that doesn't simply rely on vinegar and sugar like so many others do. It's also a pure sauce with no bits to bulk it up (if you like pineapple, just add your own).

Ready to use straight from the jar to stir-fry, dip or pour.


The classic stir-fry combinations are pork or chicken with pineapple, green peppers and onions. Cook your cubed meat in a wok, add vegetables, then fruit and finally the sauce. That's the simplest way.

However, we like to be a little different. If you want your chicken or pork crispier then lightly coat with corn flour and deep fry (or shallow fry but turning frequently) until cooked through. Leave to one side and cook your vegetables as normal, adding the meat back in with the sauce towards the end.

We think it's great with fish too. Use small fillets of cod or other white fish (coley is a good alternative) and prepare as above with corn flour before frying.

You can also sprinkle some fresh, quartered strawberries right at the end for added tartness and flavour.