Yau's Hale and Hearty Hoi Sin Sauce

We think of Hoi Sin sauce as a fantastic all rounder. Whilst it's as happy in stir-fries and duck wraps, it really excels as a marinade.


Our Hoi Sin is probably stronger than those you'd find on most supermarket shelves. This is because we want you to use it in as many varied ways as possible - and have it go a long way.

For stir-frying, you need only 1 tablespoon per person. Just mix in with your cooked meat and vegetables and allow the heat to work its way through. It works well with pretty much any combination of meat and vegetables, although we think that it suits coarse textures such as beef, lamb, duck and pork best. For vegetarian dishes, use root vegetables such as potato, sweet potato and yam.


The Chinese 5 spice barbecue flavour works supremely well with pork, spare ribs in particular. The combination is unbeatable and all you need to do is marinade your ribs for at least an hour before cooking, either in the oven (200C, 35-45 minutes) or on a barbecue. A jar will marinade the equivalent of 1.5kg of meat. And you can use it on chops, loin, neck ... in fact any cut of meat!