Yau's Thai Green and Red Curry Pastes


A good Thai curry paste involves a lot of time and effort, and some often hard to find fresh ingredients. We've used lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime, peppers and chillies - but no fish sauce or shrimp paste. And we think it tastes all the better for it.

The subtle flavours of the fresh ingredients, especially the galangal, are never at risk of being overpowered by fish sauce or shrimp paste, and you can really taste every ingredient.

Our Thai pastes make it easy for you to be in complete control over the level of spicy heat you want in your dish. The flavours are strong enough to bear being watered down with coconut milk, yoghurt or creme fraiche. Just follow the quantity guides below...


Yes, you can use Yau's Thai pastes in your stir-fries! Just add 2 teaspoons of paste per person into a hot wok and when the flavours have been released, throw in the rest of your ingredients and stir vigorously until everything is cooked. The result is a dry stir-fry that serves well with plain Thai fragrant rice.


It's always worth the effort of marinating if you want the best results. Use 2 teaspoons of red or green paste per person (1 large chicken breast or 1 and a half boned and skinned chicken thighs) to marinate and leave for at least 2 hours.

Whilst the meat is marinating, prepare your vegetables. Cube peppers and wash a few stalks of fresh coriander.

cook the meat first in a hot pan or wok and, when the flavours begin to release, add your other vegetables. Cook through and add 100ml of coconut milk per person to the pan and stir well on a medium heat. This should yield a medium level of spiciness. Adjust this using more or less coconut milk. Once reheated, serve.

Other Cooking Tips

  • Substitute the coconut milk for yoghurt or vegetable stock to keep calories low.
  • Use Yau's Thai Red Curry Paste as a base for Tom Yum Soup - Just use 1 tablespoon per person with 200ml chicken or vegetable stock.
  • Make your own fish cakes! Pulp white fish (cod, coley) and add 1 tablespoon of Red Curry Paste to every 450g of fish. Add egg, chillies, finely chopped green beans and spring onion and shape into discs. Coat with sesame seeds and fry. Serve with Yau's Zum Sauce.


Vegan Thai Green Curry Video