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Gluten Free Favourites Bundle (SAVE 12%)

Gluten Free Favourites Bundle (SAVE 12%)

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This bundle brings together sauces that are usually off the menu for those who are sensitive or allergic to gluten and wheat. 

Chinese curry is invariably made with a lot of wheat flour to bulk it out. Yau's Chinese curry uses coconut as a fragrant base, which binds together all the flavours from our very own curry powder. To swap the Mild Chinese curry for a Hot Chinese curry please leave us a note upon checkout.

Black Bean sauce usually contains soys sauce, which in turn contains wheat so a GF Black Bean sauce is quite rare. Even rarer is one that tastes so full of flavour and is not too salty. 

Hoi Sin sauce also often contains soy sauce. Yau's Hale and Hearty Hoi Sin sauce is both soy and gluten free. And we've also reduced the sugar too!

Bundle includes: 

1 x Yau's Mild Chinese Curry Sauce (contains mustard)

1 x Yau's Intense Black Bean Sauce

1 x Yau's Hale & Hearty Hoi Sin Sauce

1 x Yau's Nut Free Thai Satay Sauce

2 x Rose Rice Vermicelli

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