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Thai Rice Vermicelli 3mm 400g

Thai Rice Vermicelli 3mm 400g

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An authentic Thai rice vermicelli as used by Thai restaurants everywhere.

The Rose brand of vermicelli is particularly sought after and preferred by most Thai chefs. However, you won't readily find it in any major supermarkets and only selected Oriental supermarkets will stock it as it is aimed at caterers and foodservice.

The 3mm width is the most versatile as its suitable for Pad Thai, salads or all round stir-frying. 

To prepare, simply soak in warm water for 6-8 minutes and, once well drained, it is ready to eat or can be stir-fried in a wok or steeped in a soup with your favourite ingredients.

Contains only rice and water.

Typical shelf life from purchase 12+ months.

Note: packaging may vary from image

No Top 14 allergens

Suitable for Vegans

Ingredients: Rice, Water, Salt.

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