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Yau's 4-Jar Gift Box (Outer box ONLY)

Yau's 4-Jar Gift Box (Outer box ONLY)

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Let's face it. Jars are hard to wrap up and don't look too pretty, especially if you want to give them as gifts or create you own hampers.

So we've had some custom boxes designed and made to make it easier to present and show off our jars. And we think they look quite natty!

4 standard jars fit nice and snugly into the box so they won't bang into each other, and there's a separator to sit between the two layers, protecting the lids and providing a little extra cushioning.

The windows allow you to peek at the goodies, yet the jars sit firmly inside and there's no risk any of them will escape.

Supplied flat, unfolds easily, no glue or tape required. Foolproof.

NB. Jars NOT included!

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