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Yau's Hot Bean Paste 300g

Yau's Hot Bean Paste 300g

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Made from haricot beans, this soy-free stir-in cooking paste adds both flavour and texture. The heat is gently warming and never reaches the point where it burns, so you get to enjoy the texture and flavour whilst revelling in the building heat.

Use by the tablespoon in your stir-fries or smear over meat (goes especially well with pork or chicken) before cooking in the oven to allow all that glorious flavour to soak in.

A single jars typically delivers enough sauce for 4 in a stir-fry.

Also very happy on toast!

Typical shelf life from purchase 10-12 months.

No Top 14 allergens

Suitable for Vegans

Suitable for home freezing


NB: Product images for guidance only. Container and label may vary slightly, however product inside remains consistent.

Ingredients: Haricot Beans (46%), Sunflower Oil, Water, Garlic, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Chilli, Paprika.

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