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Yau's Ooozy Sweet Chilli Sauce 290g

Yau's Ooozy Sweet Chilli Sauce 290g

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Sometimes the simple flavours work best.

Yau's Ooozy Sweet Chilli Sauce has typically a lot less sugar than other versions, which also means more chilli flavour (and a touch more heat!). It tastes fresher on the tongue and is made with unrefined sugar and fresh chillies.

Use it on your favourite dippables, pour like a ketchup, or add to your cooking.

Typical shelf life from purchase 10-12 months.

No Top 14 Allergens

All Natural

Suitable for Vegans


NB: Product images for guidance only. Container and label may vary slightly, however product inside remains consistent.

Ingredients: Water, Demerara Sugar, Red Chillies, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Potato Starch, Sea Salt.

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