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Yau's Special 5 Spice Powder 90g

Yau's Special 5 Spice Powder 90g

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Chinese 5 Spice is a classic flavour in many Chinese dishes. It's widely used to impart fragrance and depth when cooking with meat, but can be sprinkled into virtually any type of dish for instant flavour.

Yau's Special 5 Spice powder contains a slightly different blend to give you a smoother flavour delivery and a hint of citrus to stimulate the appetite. It's also used to give Yau's Hoi Sin Sauce its distinctive taste.

Add to your dry rubs, sprinkle into stir fries or even bake with it!

Contains no Top 14 allergens)

Suitable for Vegans


Ingredients: Fennel, Cinnamon, Mandarin Peel, Cloves, Star Anise

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