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Yau's Thai Spicy Prawn Crackers 200g

Yau's Thai Spicy Prawn Crackers 200g

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There's no better way to whet the appetite before your Thai meal than with some of our Thai Spicy Prawn Crackers. They're made with fresh prawns and have a strong crunch when bitten in to.

The moderate spice from Thai green peppercorns is a great way to prepare your tastebuds for a Red or Green curry.

Pop into hot oil for about 10 seconds to cook. Once cooked they can be stored for a couple of days so you can prepare them in advance.

Contain Shellfish

Gluten Free


Ingredients: Tapioca Starch, Shrimp (9%), Garlic, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Flavour Enhancer E621.

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